On the 18-19 January 2016 EASST’s Kyrgyz partner, the Road Safety Association, was involved in implementing the concluding session of the TRACECA Road Safety II project at the Shah Palace Hotel, Bishkek. This two-day session focused on “being prepared in an emergency”, training participants in first aid response after a road traffic collision followed by a Q&A with Traffic Safety expert, Armine Poghosyan.

The training was unique in that it focused on delivering first aid in a real roadside situation – using improvised tools and items that may only be available in a real emergency. The training also demonstrated practical ways to deliver first aid for various injuries involving the head, neck, spine, burns, bleeding and transporting those who have been injured.

Participants included representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; city traffic police; Chui Oblast’ traffic police; first aid station staff; employees of Coca Cola, Shoro, and Supara; volunteers; and students, who unanimously agreed that the training was practical, efficient, useful and easy with a fresh approach.

The Global Road Safety Partnership, the International Red Cross and Crescent Association are the working partners of this project, whilst the Road Safety Association is the local and implementing partner.