There are at least 15 schools located near or on the territory of the new E60 Tbilisi-Poti highway, crossing the country. The new highway expects a lot of heavy fast-moving traffic, introducing a lot of new risks to nearby communities, especially children on their way to and from school.

Partnership for Road Safety, EASST’s partner in Georgia, have been visiting these schools with representatives from the Roads Department as well as local Patrol Police Officers to teach over 1500 kids how to stay safe on their way to school.

Lessons included raising awareness about the rules of the road as well as demonstrating real traffic situations and encouraging the children to think about their behaviour on the road. At the end of the lesson children were given the opportunity to try on a pair of drunk-imitation glasses, a traffic safety accessory which makes the wearer see as if they were drunk, and they were given a variety of road safety materials to take home including books, brochures and accessories.

The lessons were also attended by schoolteachers, directors and parents who shared their experiences and replied to the children’s questions about the new highway, who asked with great interest. Everybody was given a chance to express their opinion about the new infrastructure, which was noted down for consideration by the representatives from the Roads Department.