Local firefighters promote safety in Moldovan schools

Children's Road Safety, Moldova, Post-Crash Response

In an emergency, children are always amongst the most vulnerable. 500 children are killed every day as a result of road traffic collisions across the globe. On the front-line, responding to such incidents, are firefighters and police officers. Everyday they attend to incidents that could have been prevented and where lives could have been saved. In Moldova, as part of our EASST-FIREAID project to improve post-crash response, local firefighters and police officers have been getting involved in the preventative strategies that can help save lives in these situations.

In November, a team from the Emergency Services and National Patrolling Inspectorate joined EASST partners, the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM), on a visit to the Chisinau Lyceum to teach schoolchildren how they keep themselves safe both in the event of a fire and on the road.

The children learned about road safety, how to prevent a fire and how to respond in the case of a fire. They got a chance to try on the firefighters uniforms and explore a real life fire engine and police patrol car. The ACM and the National Patrolling Inspectorate held special sessions on road safety focusing on visibility and use of reflective materials, proper road crossing, traffic lights, and the importance of using child restraints. The ACM’s mascot gave out reflectors and copybooks with road safety activities inside.

These visits complement wider work being carried out to improve safety and emergency rescue in Moldova. Giving children the practical life skills they need to both prevent and respond to emergency situations safely is a crucial element to creating a world where there are zero road deaths. Further activities will take place throughout 2018.

This project is supported by the US Embassy to the Republic of Moldova and the UK government’s Conflict Stability and Security Fund.

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