Making road safety learning fun for kids in Belarus

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EASST partners the Belarusian Auto Moto Touring Club (BKA) along with their friendly mascot BKAshka have this week been working with pre-school children in Minsk – teaching them how to keep safe on the capital’s busy roads.

Using the EASST Road Safety Education Pack for under 6’s the training covered essential messages such as why roads can be dangerous and how to cross the road safely. The children were also introduced to key issues such as the why it is important to stay bright at night, and how to correctly use seat belts and child restraint systems.

During two visits to kindergarten No.239 the children took part in a variety of fun activities with BKAshka including ‘Let’s Look at a Car’ – an activity derived from the Education Pack – to introduce children to the risks of traffic and how to stay safe when getting in and out of the car and ‘Create a Giant Road Map’ a craft activity to encourage children to discuss road safety and recognise that roads are for traffic and pavements are for pedestrians.

Each child was given the chance to try their hand at fastening a doll in a restraint system as well as practicing (in a safe environment) how to get in and out of the car safely. The children especially enjoyed creating their own road map and at the end of the event received sweets as a prize for their participation. The children were also given reflective accessories and a certificate to take home and show their parents so that they can be aware of what the children have learned and help reinforce the key messages.

In addition to their work with the children, the BKA held a special teacher-training session. Introducing teachers to the Education Pack and explaining how it can be used in teaching road safety to children as well as covering why it is so important that kids are aware of the dangers of the road and how to keep themselves safe.

These activities were held as part of a pilot project to implement more activity-based road safety education for children across Belarus so that they can learn from real-life experience.