Attended by EASST partner, Chinara Kasmambetova, the Commission for Road Safety of Kyrgyzstan met on 29th May 2015 chaired by the Vice Prime Minister A. Mamatalieva.

A key issue under discussion by the Commission were the two major and devastating road traffic collisions that took place on 11th and 13th May 2015 in which 11 people were killed and 8 people injured (including citizens of Tajikistan). The cause of both collisions was speeding as well as bad weather conditions contributing to the crash on 13th May.

The Commission heard a report from the Head of the Traffic Police, F. Dyachenko, who suggested punitive measures for those responsible in the districts where the deaths occurred.  He also reported on road safety issues in the country, stating that 2 out of 3 road traffic collisions occur due to speeding with the cost of RTCs estimated at around 260 million KGS annually. During the period 2010 – 2015, the number of cars increased 2.5 times with the total number of cars now more than 1 million. He also reported that of the 53,707 road signs in Kyrgyzstan, at least 13,000 are in need of repair.

A work plan was proposed by the Commission for Road Safety for June with particular focus on child safety on the roads. A work plan for 2015-2017 was also proposed and prepared by the Road Traffic Police MIA with the help of relevant ministries. EASST partner Chinara Kasmambetova of “Road safety” NGO, as a member of the Commission, sent 14 new proposals for inclusion in the work plan and asked to include the EASST-funded road safety organisation into relevant work of the Commission where appropriate.