On 3rd July 2013, the government of the Republic of Moldova approved several key amendments to the country’s road traffic regulations and approved a draft of the Police Disciplinary Statute.  

A key achievement for EASST’s partner the Automobile Club of Moldova was the new ruling on child restraints. After intensive efforts from the ACM, children under 12 are now allowed to travel only if the vehicle is equipped with a child restraint or other adaptation e.g. booster seat.

Other changes include:

1.    According to the approved draft Police Disciplinary Statute, passengers of cars stopped by a police officer will now only be able to leave the vehicle if granted permission by the officer. In addition, drivers have the right to receive full information about the full name, position, and place of work of the officer. The driver has the right to learn the purpose and nature of the accusation against them, request to see the evidence available and has the right to appeal.

2.    Warning signs will be installed in areas with high road crash rates.  

3.    Vehicles with right-hand drive are banned from driving at night, except drivers of ‘international transit traffic’.

4.    Roads will be installed with road markings to help prevent accidental exit of vehicles from the road.

5.    Signs will be installed at the intersections of one-way streets to make the road system clearer to road users. New road markings will also be installed.

EASST partner Serghei Diaconu was praised by the Prime Minister, Iurie Leanca, for his ‘White Nights’ initiative and police reform. For more information on these changes, please use the links below to take you to local media reporting: