On 24th October 2012, a group of several UK Fire and Rescue Services met with EASST and other UK charities including Operation Florian, Fire Safety Friends of Russia and the UK Rescue Organisation, to discuss future cooperation on sustainable fire and rescue training projects and donation of used UK equipment to developing countries.

The meeting, hosted by EASST Chairman Lord Dubs, was the first of its kind to be held – bringing together the experience and expertise of the many groups and individuals working to improve fire and rescue capabilities abroad and to reduce the number of deaths on the road. In EASST’s partner country Ukraine, twice as many victims die at the scene of a crash than in the UK. This is due to the lack of modern fire and rescue equipment, the absence of training in extrication and many other factors. The improvement of post-crash care is an often overlooked area of road safety but vital to casualty reduction.

The newly-formed Fire and Rescue Aid Forum

Following an initial meeting to discuss future strategy and coordination of efforts, the group briefed David Amess MP, Jim Fitzpatrick MP and other members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Fire and Rescue Safety on their vital work abroad. The UK is the biggest contributor of fire and rescue equipment and training in the world yet this is largely unrecognised within the UK.  David Amess MP supported the work being done and agreed to assist in helping to receive government recognition and support of the efforts undertaken in this field.

Those attending the meeting agreed to establish a Forum for the coordination of work in this area. Quarterly meetings are to be held to discuss future strategy and projects.

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