EASST Advisor Mike Pitney returned to Lviv in September 2015 to explore the delivery of road safety training to trainee firefighters at the Lviv Institute for Fire Safety. The new project, funded by EASST and initiated by Mike and EASST’s local partner Road Safety Support Foundation, is a year-long initiative seeking to build the institute’s training curriculum on issues such as multi-agency working, road safety, and road crash response.

Mike leads a workshop at the Institute

The Lviv Institute for Fire Safety belongs to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and is the main institution providing training for all fire fighters in Ukraine. The project seeks to involve all students of the institute and its staff as well as the city administration and Lviv City Traffic Police Department. On a previous visit, the Head of the Institute, Colonel Ivan Movchan and Lt. Colonel Olexandr Kontur, expressed their eagerness to cooperate in improving the content of their training programme. Mike saw this is an opportunity to influence the training of all future fire fighters, particularly in responding to road crashes. In partnership with the Institute he aims to share UK best practice and adapt and incorporate it into the educational programme for all Ukrainian firefighters.

During the September visit, Mike and Oksana Romanukha of Road Safety Support Foundation held successful stakeholder workshops and meetings to begin planning the project. A team will return in 2016 to deliver the training. 

Press covereage: http://www.mns.gov.ua/news/42149.html

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