A new strobe light has been fitted at a pedestrian crossing in from the Arzan supermarket in Jibek-Jolu Street, Bishkek financed by ‘7 days’ LLC CEO, Sh. Ismailov. In recent months, three pedestrians have been killed at the crossing by fast moving traffic despite the fact that there is a working crosswalk.

Pedestrian crossing in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The new double LED strobe light and accompanying road signs, designed by Kubat Muktarbek, will therefore provide an extra warning to drivers that pedestrians are crossing there. The range of visibility of strobe light signals is over 100m in the daytime, enabling drivers to reduce their speed when approaching a crosswalk. The device is solar powered so does not require any additional electricity and works only when the pedestrian presses the button unlike the continuously working traffic lights.

New LED strobe light fitted to make pedestrian crossing safer

The device was previously installed in Tolstoy Street at the crosswalk near the Medicine Faculty of KRSU. In Kyrgyzstan thirty-nine per cent of road traffic victims are pedestrians, road safety professionals are therefore working hard to secure a safe environment for vulnerable road users across the country.