A meeting of the National Road Safety Council was held on 10th February 2012 chaired by the Republic of Armenia Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan.

EASST partner Poghos Shahinyan presented a report on the activities of the NRSC during 2010-2011. The Council noted the progress of the pilot project between the World Bank and the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and took note of the reports on the educational and public information activities focused on road safety.

Car crash statistics were presented and the members of the Council discussed the collision database programme – a computer program which aims to improve the collection of collision data and provide monitoring and evaluation of the data. The Head of the Government instructed the police to investigate the project and submit recommendations regarding the advisability of its purchase.

Chaired by Prime Minister SargsyanThe Council approved the proposal to organise a UN Decade of Action international summit in Yerevan in April 2012. The UN Decade of Action was officially launched in April 2011.

It was highlighted that the NRSC was awarded the Prince Michael International Road Safety Premier Award 2010 for the adoption and implementation of the Republic of Armenia road safety strategy.

The Council noted the gift of a seat belt slide from EASST to the police of the Republic of Armenia, to be donated by EASST later this year.

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