Raising awareness of asbestos risks in vehicle brake pads in Georgia

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According to research conducted by EASST partner, the Partnership for Road Safety Foundation, 60% of brake-pads sold on the market in Georgia contain asbestos. Despite the production of asbestos being prohibited in Georgia for almost 20 years, it is still imported and actively used. Many car owners use asbestos brake pads as they are widely available and inexpensive. There is currently no legislation and state control over this issue.

Asbestos brake pads pose serious health and environmental risks as well as compromising vehicle safety due to their poor quality. Partnership for Road Safety have been working to raise awareness of the asbestos-related risks when it comes to environmental pollution and road safety. They have produced a short film explaining the risks associated with using asbestos brake pads, and calling on Georgian authorities to back an all-out ban.

The film features experts, doctors, and other relevant stakeholders and will be distributed widely across Georgian media. Partnership for Road Safety have also appeared on a number of leading TV and radio channels to raise awareness of this issue. Their aim is to reach as many individuals as possible in order to help them make more informed decisions when it comes to their vehicle’s safety.