In June 2016, REPEMOL and the ProtectMD Foundation launched a series of workshops for parents, asking “Do you know how to avoid street dangers?” Their aim is to raise awareness amongst parents in Moldova on issues related to road safety and road risks for the young road users, and increase their knowledge of preventive measures and actions to saving children’s lives on the road.

The project focuses on parents of children aged between 0-18 years old as well as teachers, doctors, psychologists, those in who work in educational institutions and local government representatives.

Between 1st – 10th June, workshops were held in the localities of mun, Bălți and Hîncești, where the parents were informed about the road risks and the best methods to protect their children in road traffic. Participants discussed local risks and proposed solutions, noting that such trainings were very useful and necessary.

Further workshops will be carried out across approximately 200 Moldovan localities, with a priority on rural areas, and will reach around 10,000 parents, education professionals and representatives of local authorities.

The project is being implemented as part of the “Do you know how to avoid street dangers?” campaign implemented by the Foundation CPSS Moldova and supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and aims to:

1.    Increase the level of knowledge of parents in the area of road safety, especially for those from rural areas.

2.    Improve children’s behaviour in road traffic and reduce the number of road crashes involving children.

3.    Raise awareness of community, local authorities, teachers and other stakeholders to road safety at the local level.

The ProtectMD Foundation was founded in 2011 by EASST partner the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM). Their main objective is to promote democratic values and a sense of justice in society through information and the civil, moral and ethical education of citizens, as well as the promotion and elaboration of the strategies for combating the phenomena that influence reduced levels of safety, road traffic safety, the environment, and community development through cooperation and collaboration with local and national stakeholders as well as international organizations.

Director: Tatiana Mihailova. President: Serghei Diaconu.