EASST’s partner in Georgia, Partnership for Road Safety, launches new project to reduce road traffic collisions and fatalities on the E-60 Highway, the country’s main East-West route.

The project, which is being implemented with the Road Department of Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure in Georgia, aims to reduce road traffic collisions and fatalities on E-60 Tbilisi-Poti Corridor through increasing the awareness of road users on the need to improve their road safety behavior.

The project’s main objectives are to:

a) increase road safety awareness amongst international and local drivers and passengers;

b) increase knowledge of traffic rules and rights of all the road users living in the communities near to the E-60 Highway;

c) change the behaviour and attitude of drivers, passengers and pedestrians through public awareness campaigns.

Partnership for Road Safety will hold training sessions for international and local drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who live in communities near to the E-60 Highway, including children.

There will also be an active media campaign, in order to raise awareness around the key risk factors on the roads and how to avoid them. The campaign will include a contest for Georgian journalists to produce analytical articles as well as TV and radio reports around road safety on the E-60 Highway. These will be published between April and June 2016, with three winners being announced in each category. The winners will receive a prize and certificate.

The project is financially supported by the World Bank.