EASST partner, AMAK (National Automobile Club of Azerbaijan) has launched two new projects during an event organised to demonstrate “Road Safety Awareness in Practice” in conjunction with the Baku Grand Prix on 19th June at the Kempinski Hotel in Baku. Both projects represent AMAK’s long-term strategy on raising public awareness on the importance of road safety and conduct, through carefully crafted and delivered educational and awareness programmes, as well as practical exercises. 

About the projects

“Road Safety Training for Taxi Drivers and Management of Taxi Companies in Baku” is a pilot project providing training for both management and drivers of several taxi companies in Baku on road safety, with special focus on monitoring and enforcement of recommendations on seatbelt use and obeying to road safety rules by the taxi drivers as well as engaging with passengers to be aware and obeying the safety rules while using taxi services.

“Training of schoolchildren on road safety using EASST’s Road Safety Education Pack” aims at translating the EASST Road Safety Education Pack from English into Azerbaijani and Russian and teaching road safety in a variety of formal and informal educational settings at schools throughout Baku and then in different regions of Azerbaijan. So far a total of 800 schoolchildren have participated in the initial phase of the project.

“Together we will guarantee safer roads for future generations”

At the event, Mr. Vusal Rajabli, president of AMAK pointed out:

“Today Azerbaijan is a leading regional economy, with ever developing and growing road infrastructure. Yet, statistics on road accidents prove the safety and conduct to be a field, where much needs to be done. We strongly believe in the power of community to assist, support and donate for the future of our country, region and world. We also hope that with these great initiatives and together we will guarantee much safer roads for future generations and us! Speaking on behalf of AMAK, I also would like to express our strongest support for UN Decade of Action for Road Safety, an immense project covering the period from 2011 to 2020. We believe in UN’s capability and determination in bringing progress and development to this field”.

Participating at the event were members of Milli Majlis (National Assembly) and Chairs of Assembly’s state committees; representatives of Azerbaijani ministries and agencies, representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in Baku, representatives of Azerbaijani banks, insurance agencies, auto-dealerships, as well as other members of auto community and media representatives, including EASST Road Safety Ambassador and Azerbaijani popstar, Nigar Jamal. The panelists during the event were Mr. Vusal Rajabli, president of AMAK; Ms. Rita Cuypers, Director of Partnerships, FIA foundation; Mr. Dmitry Sambuk, Director of Development and Education, EASST, Mr. Kamran Aliyev, Spokesman of the State Road Police. Mr. Jean Todt, FIA President and UN Special Envoy on Road Safety addressed the participants of the event via a video message.

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