EASST’s Ukrainian partner ‘Road Safety Support Foundation,’ together with Shell Ukraine and with support from the State Traffic Police Department, have begun the second phase of the regional road safety campaign ‘Parents-Drivers’ covering three sub-regions of Kharkiv Oblast.

Participants of the ‘Parents-Drivers’ road safety campaign

From 10th to 19th November 2014 a series of road safety trainings will be held in eight kindergartens in different villages of Kharkiv region. The program is designed specifically for parents who regularly drive their children to schools and kindergartens. Particular attention is paid to the psychological and behavioural aspects of road safety for adults and their children. The program is intended to cover a minimum of 500 adults and 300 children.

The head of the Road Safety Support Foundation and EASST Ukraine Partner, Yegor Kalashnikov, said “The aim of our training is to remind parents that they are fully responsible for their own and their kids safety, and to speak about very simple but vital actions which can save someone’s life on the road.”

The Head of the Sate Traffic Police Research Department in Kharkiv region, Igor Shvydkoi, pointed to the need for this initiative: “Kharkiv region consistently ranks in the top 3 regions with the highest number of road accidents. During the first 9 months of 2014 we’ve already registered 8,026 road accidents. We all know that the most vulnerable category of road users is children. The project ‘Parents-Drivers’ is a very timely and useful tool to deliver an  important message to parents and adults that they are fully responsible for the way their children behave on and near the road.”

Children are given high vis materials and booklets to promote their safety

During the first phase in 2013 this regional road safety campaign has already reached around 600 adults and 400 children in 8 cities of Kharkiv and Donetsk regions of Ukraine.