Governance and Capacity Building


Good Governance

Good governance is essential to building a safe system, reducing road risk and saving lives. This includes promoting evidence-based road safety policy and supporting regulatory frameworks, challenging corruption and building trust in road police, and encouraging communication and cooperation between government departments.

By providing funding and support to our partner organisations across the region we aim to promote good road safety governance, share expertise and enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of local NGOs in driving change.

Cross-border dialogue

Successful road safety policies require a concerted effort across national and regional boundaries. EASST works to promote cross-border dialogue and build projects which facilitate cooperation and understanding through building local road safety capacity and expertise. Many of our target countries have frozen conflicts within their boundaries. Our projects – which also span these conflict areas – are therefore a powerful vehicle for conflict reduction and a vehicle for international cooperation.

“Before, no one considered the local people because there was no experience. Today, what we have is partnership.”

Poghos Shahinyan, Director of the National Road Safety Council Armenia explains what it means to be an EASST local partner.

“Every year we are able to develop projects … with EASST’s support we can change the terrible situation on the roads in Kyrgyzstan”

Chinara  Kasmambetova, Director of Road Safety Kyrgyzstan on the impact of EASST’s support. 

EASST Expertise

EASST Expertise is an international road safety consultancy. We have a large network of experts and specialists with a range of experience in managing, implementing and advising on international road safety projects.

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