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EASST began working with Road Safety Russia – an NGO working to unite the efforts of the Russian ministries and departments, private companies, NGOs, vehicle owners and other stakeholders in order to decrease the number of casualties on Russian roads – in 2013. Road Safety Russia has led a number of successful campaigns including:

Russia Road Safety Facts

There are on average 27,025 road fatalities every year.

2.2 – 2.6% of GDP is lost due to road traffic collisions.

Fewer than 50% of children use child restraints.

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Road Safety Russia

Road Safety Russia

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EASST Road Safety Education Pack Under 6 Russian

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EASST Road Safety Education Pack 6-11 Russian

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Using the EASST Road Safety Education Pack

Preschool children in Chania get road safety education

Find out how to make the most of the EASST Road Safety Education Pack with this six-step guide to implementation.

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