During 17-18 February 2014 in Congaz, Gagauzia, and 19-20 February in Peresecina, EASST with its partner the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM) conducted road safety training entitled “Safe Roads for All”. The training was provided by the ACM and EASST as part of the project “Capacity building of CSOs to promote road safety in Moldova”, sponsored by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The project seeks to provide a better understanding of the Bank’s road rehabilitation projects, improve knowledge and skills of Moldovan civil society to enable them to effectively raise awareness about road safety, and therefore contribute to promoting behavioral change of road users.

EASST Director Emma MacLennan and the team deliver high vis jackets to farmers

Local CSOs from Congaz, Svetlii and Peresecina were trained by EASST Director Emma Maclennan, and ACM Project Managers Tatiana Mihailova and Virginia Mandalac, who delivered presentations on the key road safety issues, road behavior, road traffic laws, and showed relevant videos demonstrating national and international experience of successful road safety initiatives and campaigns. Those who took part in the training included teachers, representatives of the Mayor’s offices, rural businesses, farmers, NGOs working with children and disabled people, and church representatives.  

Tatiana Mihailova of the ACM delivers a road safety seminar

Mr. Octavian Costaș, Acting Head of the EBRD’s Chisinau Office and Senior Banker, spoke of the bank’s road rehabilitation projects. Other invited speakers included representatives of the state road administration and local police.  The local trainees were able to learn about local road reconstruction plans in Congaz and Svetlii and to discuss the finished project in Peresecina, as well as providing an opportunity to discuss road safety standards and norms in road building during reconstruction and mechanisms to raise grievances. Local police officers answered questions on road regulations and the contravention code, and spoke about road statistics and road safety in the countryside and their localities.

The donated education materials from Children’s Traffic Club and Ten Alps Communicate

During the final sessions of the training, the participants developed their action plans to be implemented in their localities. For example, plans to conduct road safety education for children, raising awareness of road safety in the media, and future cooperation with the police, the ACM. Each participant was awarded with a certificate of participation and useful materials such as brochures on seat belt use, pedestrian safety, first aid; reflectors and high-visibility vests. T-shirts, road safety board games and puppets for schools were donated from the UK by the EASST, Children’s Traffic Club and Ten Alps Communicate. Farmers, owners of horse carts, and motorcyclists were presented with high visibility vests as they were identified to be most at risk using local roads, especially at night. The issue of visibility of farmers, pedestrians and cyclists will be one of the key items within the follow up activities. As result of the training, locals requested that the ACM conduct further training with farmers in Congaz, and it was discussed organizing further road safety awareness training with the police.

The team distributes hig vis kit to vulnerable road users

The second round of the training will be carried out during 17-21 March 2014 in Hincesti, Leova and Chisinau.

News coverage of the event can be viewed from minute 2.45 via YouTube: