EASST partner, the Young Generation of Tajikistan (YGT) are paving the way for safer routes to school by identifying prevalent road risks.

On 6th May, YGT and a group of youth road safety inspectors conducted an investigation to determine the risk factors on the roads around their school in the Firdavsi district of Dushanbe (№18).

Within the hour that they observed traffic, 1322 cars passed on the main road in front of the school, there was also a high number of pedestrians – most of whom were children.

Outside the school are a set of digital traffic lights with a countdown and a pedestrian crossing. However, YGT and the youth inspectors observed that almost a third of pedestrians ignored this crossing, as did a number of drivers who failed to slow down and stop when the light was red. There aren’t any surveillance cameras so these drivers go unchecked in threatening the lives and safety of children on their way to school.

The ‘Pedestrian Crossing’ road signs are not illuminated with reflective tape and the zebra crossing painted on the road is almost completely erased. The crossing therefore lies almost invisible to drivers, particularly during the early morning twilight when children are arriving at school.

Road risks identified:

As a result of their investigation YGT are identified the following road risks outside school No. 18:

  • Drivers ignoring traffic signals
  • Invisible road signs
  • Unclear speed limits
  • Poor basic infrastructure
  • Lack of general awareness