EASST’s Georgian partner the Partnership for Road Safety Foundation hosted an international road and traffic safety workshop in Batumi, Georgia, during December 2014. The workshop brought together road safety campaigners, engineers, professionals and policy makers from Europe, South Caucasus, Middle East and Central Asian regions to share experiences.

Workshop participants in Batumi, Georgia

The slogan of the workshop was to promote,share and achieve. During the 5 day event, participants gained the following:

– sharing of best practice road safety projects and cases
– gaining of new information on how to effectively design road safety projects
– learning how to mobilise joint efforts of the state, private sector, media and NGOs to reduce traffic injuries and deaths
– learning how to engage multiple sectors in road safety
– promoting ‘win-win’ outcomes for all road users
– how to use new IT tools for effective community engagement

EASST’s Gela Kvashilava presents during the 5 day event

The participants agreed that successful road safety policy requires concerted efforts not only within national boundaries but also between countries. At the end of the workshop a professional network for future cooperation and cross-border projects was established.