SKODA and the ACM set up a Road Safety Town in the heart of Chisinau

Children's Road Safety, Moldova

Family events and festivals have become very popular in Moldova. Such occasions are a great opportunity to engage children in road safety issues in a fun and friendly way and also remind parents how they can keep their children safe and secure both in road traffic and on the streets.

So, last month, ŠKODA  Moldova, the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM), the National Patrolling Inspectorate (NIP), and joined forces to organise a Road Safety Town for families in the Central Square of the National Assembly in Chisinau. The aim was to teach or refresh knowledge of road traffic rules on the eve of the new academic year.

The ACM and NIP organised interactive road safety activities for children and parents focusing on how to cross the street safely, how to stay visible as a pedestrian, why it’s important to fasten seat belts and use child restraints, and, particularly, for parents why a responsible approach to compliance with road traffic rules is so vital.

Within the Safety Town, where a special road traffic ground was set up, the children painted road safety pictures, and together with their parents participated in a road safety quiz where they were awarded with reflectors, copybooks, t-shirts and pencils.

In addition, all the visitors and SKODA clients had the opportunity to try out the ACM’s ‘seat belt slide’, donated by the FIA Foundation and EASST, which simulates a frontal collision at a speed of 12-15 km/h. The slide lets people feel in their own skin the effects of a minor crash to reinforce the importance of wearing a seat belt and how it can save their lives. During the event, the adults were given road safety brochures, and instructions on the correct installation of child restraints, air bag features, etc. for their cars.

The ACM also took the opportunity to inform parents about their Baby4Baby online platform, which receives and donates second-hand (but re-useable) child car restraints to families most in need. Find out more about the platform here.