Drink driving is one of the main causes of serious crashes in Moldova, especially in rural areas. Marking the 6th year of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, the ‘Sober and Safe villages in Moldova’ is a new project launched by, EASST partner, the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM) and the National Patrolling Police to raise awareness of the dangers of drink driving and engage civil society to tackle the issue.

The project is funded by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and FIA Foundationm and is an extension of a pilot intervention initiated last year with the support of the FIA and GRSP/TRACECA. ‘Sober and Safe Villages’ will raise awareness as well civil society engagement in three rural regions in Moldova (North, South and Center), which have been selected as ‘high risk’ according to an analysis of road accidents rate and registered cases of drink driving.

In Moldova people’s awareness of safe driving behaviour is very limited, particularly in rural areas. Drink driving is a family, community, and country-wide issue, resulting in deaths and traumas as well as encouraging further dangerous behavior such as speeding. According to a survey conducted prior to the project, the most at risk and vulnerable groups for drink driving in Moldova are young and novice drivers, and drivers in rural areas.

‘Sober and safe villages’ will conduct awareness campaigns on the risk of drink driving and promoting the safe behaviour among targeted groups of drivers. The main activities will take place in the Summer of 2016 and will be a part of a ‘Safer & Sober Village’ contest between the involved regions. The results will be analyzed and presented in the late Autumn.

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