Star Rating for Schools upgrades demonstrate the positive impact of best practice infrastructure in Moldova

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Last year, the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM) used Star Ratings for Schools to assess three school zones across the country and implement safety upgrades with the support of the FIA and FIA Foundation (FIA Road Safety Grant Programme), UNICEF Moldova, and EASST. 

The project was carried out at schools in the municipal authorities of Balti, Singerei and Ungheni in partnership it the local public authorities. The aim was to demonstrate how modern infrastructure and the prioritization of child pedestrians and vulnerable road users in street design can reduce road casualties and improve road user behaviour – including speed management and compliance with newly mandated 30km/h speed limits around schools.

Upgrades at each of the three schools included: lowering speeds to 30km/h, narrowing the carriageway, re-painting pedestrian crossings, installing bollards to prevent parking around the crossing, installing reflective markings and road signs, and adding dropped kerbs for accessibility.

In Balti, the school zone upgrades also included arranging an additional pedestrian crossing on a secondary street, repaving the sidewalk, and adding pedestrian guardrails on both sides of the street near the crossing.

“Dimitrie Cantemir” Lyceum in Singerei

“Vasile Alecsandri” Lyceum in Ungheni

School area in Balti

More than 3000 school children have safer journeys to school as a result of these upgrades as well as their parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors – including those who may have disabilities or limited mobility.

This important work being implemented across Moldova is forming part of a wider advocacy initiative to ensure all schools zones in the country are safe and sustainable. By implementing best practice infrastructure and conducting complementary awareness raising activities within the school communities, ACM are seeking to build knowledge and capacity amongst the local public authorities to support the implementation of the 30km/h school zone policy that is now in place across the country.