Operation Florian instructors train local fire services in RTC responseOn 4 May 2017, a fully equipped fire-fighting vehicle, with a full complement of road-crash rescue equipment and personal protective equipment, was donated by EASST and our project partners Operation Florian to the fire and rescue unit in Tiraspol.

The main goal of the donation and trainings supported by the British Embassy Chisinau is to contribute to a strengthened emergency response in saving lives, property and protecting emergency personnel.

The delivery of the vehicle, rescue equipment and personal protective equipment will be accompanied by an intensive training programme delivered by UK professionals from Operation Florian to internationally recognised standards. There will be a particular focus on improving the emergency response to fire incidents and road traffic collisions in Tiraspol and neighbouring communities, and ensuring that trained and equipped personnel are able to save lives. Special thanks go out to Bruce Hoad from Operation Florian plus the four instructors Dave Thurston, Robert Clark, Jeremy Upton, and Trevor Funnell for volunteering their time and expertise in delivering this vital training.

All the involved partners, including the Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service of the Republic of Moldova, the Bureau for Reintegration, as well as the responsible bodies from Tiraspol, have provided their support in facilitating these activities.

In the last four years, 15 vehicles and a boat have been donated to Moldova.