EASST partner, the Young Generation of Tajikistan (YGT) have been visiting rural villages across the country, offering road safety learning to local communities.

Between 17th -19th September, the YGT visited five villages where they arranged meetings with local activists, farmers and tractor drivers as well as visiting schools to conduct a series of training exercises with teachers, pupils and parents on the rules of the road.

In the EASST region, agricultural road users can be particularly vulnerable on the roads, they are large and slow moving, often operating at dawn and dusk when the light is low and it is both difficult to see or be seen. This is especially crucial in areas where road development works are taking place, and there are increases in fast moving traffic such as the development along the Aini-Panjakent highway in Tajikistan. Therefore, during the meetings the YGT spoke directly to farmers and tractor drivers reminding them of the rules for horse riders, tractor driving and being seen at night.

As an additional activity, the YGT also organised actions to raise awareness of the speed limits around schools near Penjikent, where under a previous project, they found drivers to be exceeding the speed limit by over 30km/h. Therefore, on the morning of 18th September, volunteers stood on the roadside with posters reminding drivers of the 40km/h speed limit.