Road Safety in Tajikistan

Our local road safety partners

We support road safety in Tajikistan through our local partners the Young Generation of Tajikistan (YGT), a youth-led NGO based in Dushanbe aimed at increasing young people’s participation in social development and poverty reduction.

In Tajikistan, where more than 70 per cent of the country’s eight million inhabitants are aged under 30, road traffic collisions are having a profound effect on its younger generations.

With the support of EASST, since 2014 the YGT have been implementing road safety projects in Tajikistan with the aim of reducing the number of child injuries and fatalities. They have delivered road safety education to hundreds of school children in Dushanbe and developed an innovative ‘Youth Road Inspectors’ programme – training young people as road safety ambassadors to train and support to their peers – as well as implementing a ground-breaking seat belt campaign, which saw increases in wearing rates and identified many more areas to be worked on.

Since 2016, with the support of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and the Safer Roads Foundation, EASST and the YGT have also been working to improve road infrastructure and engineering practices to ensure roads are safer for everyone.



Tajikistan Road Safety Facts

There are on average 1543 road fatalities every year.

Fewer than 1 in 8 car occupants wear seat belts.

Around 20% of those injured on the roads are children.

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Young Generation of Tajikistan

Young Generation of Tajikistan

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