Tatiana Mihailova is Project Manager of the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM) – a key partner of EASST’s in its region of operation.  She has broken stereotypes in the Republic of Moldova by working in the male dominated environment of road traffic and safety.  Tatiana has worked for seven years at the ACM, successfully delivering projects with her team following the launch of the Make Roads Safe Campaign in 2009.

Here she is filmed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) about her road safety work in Moldova, with a particular focus on EASST’s and the ACM’s delivery of a project in 2012-13 which saw the building of relations across the two sides of the Nistru river via communication and collaboration on road safety. Funded by the EU and UNDP, the project has successfully built a new dialogue and partnership between NGOs and local authorities in Tiraspol and Chisinau with the joint aim of reducing road casualties.

A key motivation for Tatiana and the ACM team, who are predominantly female, is the desire to reduce the road risk to children with much work being done by the ACM to improve the visibility of children and increase their safety.  More about the ACM’s work in this area can be seen here: Alex in The City, Bright Seen and Safe

The road safety situation in Moldova is begining to improve, says Tatiana, with 2013 statistics revealing that there was a registered decrease in the number of road deaths by 33%, the number of crashes by 4%, and the number of injuries by 8%. 

View here for the full interview (in Romanian and Russian):