Every year 1500 road traffic incidents are registered involving children. Within the last three years there have been 350 child deaths registered in Kyrgyzstan and 4918 injuries.

EASST partner, ‘Road Safety’ has been trialing a new road safety curriculum with over 500 school children in six schools across Kyrgyzstan to with the aim of keeping kids safe and preventing road deaths.

The lessons use a mock mobile auto playground, which imitates a real-life crossroads with traffic lights, road signs and markings, where children role-play scenarios that they might encounter on the road. The lessons are focused on three specific issues: traffic lights; cross roads; and road signs, and uses critical thinking to engage the children and encourage self-awareness on the road.

This project is implemented by Road Safety with the support of GGPAS USAID.

The mission of Road Safety: saving lives on roads by increasing the level of education, awareness and marketing. Registered in 15 May 2012, it is the first noncommercial organization working in the road safety sector in Kyrgyzstan.

For more information on how to get the educational methodical curriculum and to conduct such trainings or to get more information on how to construct an auto playground, please contact:

Road Safety Е-mail: jolsafety@gmail.com, kasmambet@yahoo.com

Website: www.db.kg