During May 2015, EASST’s partner the Automobile Club of Moldova is carrying out a series of actions within the Third UN Global Road Safety Week dedicated to children’s safety #SaveKidsLives, following their launch event on 30th April.

On 5th May the ACM team together with the National Patrol Inspectorate and the “Look Out” – a group of volunteers – carried out a road safety awareness action on pedestrian safety on the main streets of Chisinau.  They warned pedestrians who crossed the road on red light or in forbidden places by giving them a red candy and explaining why it is important to respect the traffic rules. The pedestrians who crossed the street correctly, were awarded with green sweets, because they are a good road safety example for children. The organisers and participants spole about the #SaveKidsLives campaign and asked pedestrians to sign the Child Declaration.

The ACM joined with EASST, Operation Florian, the National Patrol Inspectorate, REPEMOL and school children for #savekidslives

On 7th May, the ACM together with the National Patrol Inspectorate, Julie Utting from EASST, a team of firefighters from Operation Florian, REPEMOL and children volunteers organised a “Save Kids Lives” action in Chisinau. The organisers carried out a #SaveKidsLives march with vehicles on the main street of Chisinau. In addition to the Police and ACM cars, the EASST and Florian team also participated in the march with one of the fire engine’s driven across Europe to the UK to be donated to the Moldovan Fire Service.  They demonstrated the fire engine to children and discussed with them the importance of safe behavior in road traffic.

Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, Mr Phil Batson, is a strong supporter of the ACM and EASST’s work in reducing road death

The event was attended by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, Mr Phil Batson. The Ambassador signed the Children Declaration and said that “The world needs to act decisively to cut the number of road fatalities drastically. Moldova can play its part and volunteers from the UK are helping it to do so”.

The volunteers together with police officers distributed to drivers pennants with the message: “Drivers be aware, you are parents too”.

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