Earlier in 2014, EASST’s partner the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM) in collaboration with “Foisor Fermecat” Theatre and the National Patrol Inspectorate, launched its road safety show for children called “Alex in the City”.

The aim of the road safety show – with young Alex as its key character – has been developed by the ACM to raise awareness of road safety among young children, to support the goals of the UN Decade of Action, and to promote responsible behavior among children and parents. It is sponsored by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile and FIA Foundation and seeks to improve child safety via fun and engaging methods.The show, held on stage and lasting around 40 minutes, sees its central character Alex encounter a variety of traffic-related situations and dangers with the aim of teaching its young viewers how to avoid and deal with such hazards.

Children at the Tony Hawks Centre receives gifts from the team

Since May 2014, Alex has been visiting various schools in Moldova in order to reach as many children as possible. In July he went to the Tony Hawks Centre for children with disabilities.

The actors, puppeteers and ACM team created a cheerful atmosphere for children at the centre, established by Tony in 2000 with the aim of improving the health of children with chronic conditions who are living in socially vulnerable families: http://www.tony-hawks.com/philanthropy.php  They were excited to hear of Alex and his friends via the show which was shown in Romanian and Russian and watched by both children and parents.

The traffic police officer is a key element of the show

“Alex in the City” continues to travel throughout Moldova in schools, kindergartens, orphanages and summer camps.