Rugby fans given reflective accessories and road safety flyersWhile Georgia hosts the 2017 U20 Rugby World Cup this summer, EASST partners, the Partnership for Road Safety, have teamed up with the Georgian Rugby Federation to promote the importance of road safety.

Road Safety is an important issue for several players in the Georgian national side, who themselves have been involved in (and survived!) serious road crashes. They have therefore been very keen to get involved in the campaign and highlight the importance of safe road behaviours to visitors and fans.

Rugby National Team players try to kick the ball with the special drunk simulator goggles

Since the first day of the Championship, the Partnership for Road Safety have set up a special road safety stand, with traffic signs, road and zebra crossing simulators, outside the stadium. Both professional players and fans have received flyers, road safety accessories and educational materials as well as being invited to test out a pair of drunk-simulator goggles to see the impact of alcohol on their spatial awareness by kicking a rugby ball and attempting to score.