Road Safety in Ukraine

Our local road safety partners

We support road safety in Ukraine through our local partners the Road Safety Support Foundation, a Ukrainian NGO whose aim is to reduce road deaths in Ukraine.

The Road Safety Support Foundation’s flagship Safe Villages projects, implemented in partnership with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, EASST and the State Road Police, have focused on ensuring the safety and wellbeing of local communities living along the transnational M06 highway, connecting Kiev to the Hungarian border.

Other projects have included campaigns on speed and seat belt wearing, as well as a focus on improving post-crash care. This has included donations of fire appliances, equipment and training, as well as the establishment of the first casualty reduction partnership in Lviv.

Ukraine Road Safety Facts

There are on average 4000 road fatalities every year.

2.5% of GDP is lost due to road traffic collisions.

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Road Safety Support Foundation

Road Safety Support Foundation

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