Road Safety in Ukraine

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In 2012, EASST supported the establishment of Road Safety Support Foundation – a Ukrainian NGO whose aim is to reduce road deaths in Ukraine. Road Safety Support Foundation have successfully delivered projects in a number of key areas including activities with the European Bank for Reconstruction Development, cooperation with the Traffic Police, and promoting the road safety agenda with key stakeholders in the country.

In addition, EASST has supported two successful campaigns in the Ukrainian cities of Odessa and Lviv. In November 2011, EASST provided support to the European Union’s TEN-T Programme pilot project focused on both speeding and seat belt wearing. To read about the success of the project, including videos and media coverage. In the west of Ukraine, EASST supported Lviv City Council during their speed management campaign of August 2010.

Ukraine Road Safety Facts

There are on average 4000 road fatalities every year.

2.5% of GDP is lost due to road traffic collisions.

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Road Safety Support Foundation

Road Safety Support Foundation

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