Road Safety in Uzbekistan

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We support road safety in Uzbekistan through our local partners the Young Generation of the World (YGW) – Tashkent branch. YGW is a global initiative which aims to mobilise young people as leaders of sustainable development. Their aims include strengthening peace and security, promoting social justice and social and environmental wellbeing, as well as fostering economic growth and prosperity.

As road-related injury is the leading cause of death of young people in every world region, YGW pay particular attention to road safety in their work through educational campaigns, advocating for better traffic enforcement and improving capacity for post-crash response.


Uzbekistan Road Safety Facts

2.6% of GDP is lost due to road traffic collisions.

The maximum urban speed limit is 70km/h.

There are on average 3261 road fatalities every year.

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Young Generation of the World - Tashkent branch

Young Generation of the World - Tashkent branch

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