On 20 January 2012 Dmitry Sambuk, EASST Regional Coordinator met with Dr Oldrich Vanicek, President of the UAMK (Czech Automobile Club) and core members of the EASST Advisory Board. Dmitry visited UAMK headquarters in Prague where he held fruitful discussions with UAMK staff. He also studied the work of the club’s 24-hour call-center and examined UAMK’s roadside assistance vehicles.

During his visit Dmitry and Dr Vanicek also met with Senator Ing. Karel Korytar who serves as a Member of the Czech Senate’s Commission on National Economy, Agriculture and Transport. Participants of the meeting exchanged their views on the issues of road safety; Senator Korytar expressed his full support to a global Decade of Action for Road Safety and UAMK’s efforts in that field.

(l-r) Miroslav Firt, UAMK International Director, Dmitry Sambuk, Dr Oldrich Vanicek at awards ceremony in Prague UAMK is the largest automobile club in the Czech Republic, providing roadside assistance, driver training and other services as well as running successful road safety projects and public campaigns. UAMK has produced a number of road safety videos many of which are internationally recognized and received public recognition. You can watch UAMK’s videos here:

Enjoy Your Speed to the End (YouTube)

UAMK Anti Speeding Campaign (YouTube)

UAMK also produces and distributes ‘seat belt slides’ and ‘rollover car simulators’ which have proved to be efficient tools and a vital part of any seat belt campaign.

More information about the UAMK can be found here: download (PDF).