The 29th January 2016 marked World Automobile Day, celebrating 130 years of automobile history. It was on this day in 1885 that the first motor car, the tri car – invented by the legendary Karl Benz – was patented. Indeed, the car’s greatest achievement was its speed that, on a straight road, could reach 16 km/h!

To mark World Automobile Day, EASST partner organization, the Automobile Club of Moldova, organized a short road safety seminar for volunteers from the “Neovita” Health Center for Youth to raise awareness and knowledge about road safety among young people.

The seminar was centered on topics related to road safety in Moldova, including methods and activities aimed at improving the safety of vulnerable road users, and focused on:

  • The invention of the first car
  • Unsafe behaviors of road users
  • The creation of a road safety culture among young people, by raising awareness and assessing the key risk factors for road traffic injuries
  • The further promotion of road safety (actions, campaigns, projects with valuable social impact)

Participants received brochures, reflectors and other educational materials as well as being invited to get actively involved in promoting road safety in Moldova. The young people were encouraged to participate in all social activities organized by the ACM.