Yerevan Traffic Police receive hi-viz donations to use in their speed enforcement work around schools

Armenia, Children's Road Safety, Road Safety Enforcement

This week has seen the Road Police in Yerevan receive a delivery of over 300 items of high-visibility clothing from EASST for use in their speed enforcement work around schools. The Road Police were delighted with the delivery of kit which was donated by Kier Group and shipped by FedEx as part of their charitable shipping programme.

The Hi Viz donations will support the project that EASST Partner, the National Road Safety Council of Armenia, is currently undertaking with the Road Police to reduce child casualties on the roads around Yerevan’s most vulnerable schools.

The National Road Safety Council has been working in partnership with the police on the pilot project to reduce speed limits in one district and increase speed enforcement around schools. The project has also seen the EASST Education Pack translated into Armenian and over 1000 children receive road safety training.

The donations have provided vital road safety equipment to the Road Police who are responsible for day-to-day safety and enforcement on the local streets. The donations were a gesture of thanks to the Road Police for their co-operation and dedication to making journeys to school safer in Yerevan – as well as making the project literally more visible and raising community awareness of the excellent work being done.

The project will continue when children return to school after the summer holidays. The police are committed to further enforcement around schools and further road safety education work will be undertaken.

The Road Police and National Road Safety Council will be monitoring crash data in the pilot area and, if the project is proven to reduce casualty numbers, the two organisations will look at how the success can be replicated in other areas.

National Road Safety Council are also lobbying the government to improve road infrastructure standards around schools and introduce Road Safety Education as part of the national curriculum, so that every child has a safe journey to school and a safe journey home.

EASST are very grateful to Kier Group for donating the Hi Viz items and to FedEx for providing shipping for this project. 

Kier Group