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Road Safety Education Pack

EASST Road Safety Education PackThe EASST Road Safety Education Pack is a free educational resource to introduce road safety messages and behaviours to kids in an age-appropriate way.

Through stimulating and engaging activities, the Pack has been designed to reflect the risks, challenges and conditions in low and middle-income countries. Currently available in eight languages, the Education Pack can be tailored to local contexts, incorporating the logos of local organisations, changing the idiom, names and illustrations as necessary. While keeping the fundamental content and road safety messages the same.

Safe to School: Safe to Home

As a global partner of the Child Health Initiative we want to ensure a safe and healthy journey to and from school for every child by 2030.

For many children, one of the main risks they face is the road area directly surrounding the school gates. Here, road design is often flawed, speeds poorly enforced and the heavy mix of pedestrians and vehicles can be dangerous.

Our ‘Safe to School: Safe to Home’ projects involve working with local stakeholders and schools to identify risks, engage teachers and parents, and improve speed enforcement.

Child Car Restraints

Child car restraints are a vital protection for child passengers in vehicles. However, in low and middle income countries, the cost of child restraints means they are not an option for many families. Awareness of the importance of child restraints is often also low, and enforcement is carried out reluctantly by the police.

Working with the Kier Group, EASST sends regular donations of children’s car seats, as well as reflective clothing, to villages across the region. We work to support our local partners in campaigning for improvements to public policy and practice, raising awareness, and improving enforcement of seat belt wearing and the use of appropriate child restraints.

Over 500 children are killed on the world’s roads every day


In Tajikistan children account for around 20% of those injured on the roads.


Appropriate child restraints reduce the probability of children aged 1-7 years being injured in a crash or sudden stop by around 70%.

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