Road Safety in Latvia

Road safety in Latvia

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We support road safety in Latvia through the Latvian Auto Moto Society (LAMB).  LAMB has works with motorists in order to fulfil its mission of providing technical assistance on roads as well as promoting road safety. It’s important for drivers to know that they always can rely on someone, regardless of weather conditions and time of the day or night. LAMB has developed as a continuer and innovator of the best traditions of the pre-war Latvian autoclub, and is the first in Latvia and the former Soviet Union, which, after the restoration of independence, restarted provision of roadside assistance. LAMB joined EASST as an official partner in 2017.

As a public organisation, LAMB has more than 25 years of experience in traffic safety analysis. It is a member of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), which has millions of members in 145 countries around the world. Through their road safety projects, LAMB works closely with policy makers and other key stakeholders to represent the views of road users in decision making processes and advocate for better road safety practices based on international best practice to improve road safety in Latvia. It’s Road Users’ Forum provides an opportunity for members to comment on and exchange views on important road safety issues.

Latvia has one of the worst road casualty rates in the European Union but the country is working hard to promote road safety. Road casualties in the country have decreased by over 70% since 2001, but since 2011 this progress has stagnated. In 2017, 42% of fatal crashes occurred in the capital city of Riga, with the most severe crashes involving pedestrians.

Latvia Road Safety Facts

77% of road fatalities in Latvia occur on rural roads. Only 37% back seat passengers wear seat belts. There are on average 205 road fatalities every year.

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Latvian Auto-Moto Society

Latvian Auto-Moto Society

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Albania and Latvia join EASST network

Albania and Latvia join EASST network

by EASST | July 18, 2017 | Albania, Latvia, News

The Automobile Club of Albania and the Latvian Auto-Moto Society join EASST’s growing network of local partners.

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