Occupational Road Safety Management

Every day millions of people use roads for work – without a second thought. Yet the Occupational Road Safety Alliance estimates that between one quarter and one third of reported road casualties involve people driving, riding or otherwise using the road for work. The costs associated with occupational road safety are high for employers, employees and impact service delivery, which calls for more action on management of occupational road risk. Reducing road risk of commercial vehicles and public transport could play a very significant role in cutting road fatalities.

Through our EASST Academy Road Safety at Work Online Course for Managers, we offer occupational road safety management training led by world-leading industry experts to give those responsible for commercial vehicles the skills to deliver and sustain a robust road safety management strategy in their companies.


Up to 40% of all road deaths in Europe are work-related.


20% commercial vehicle crashes are fatigue related.

EASST Academy

Developed by EASST in partnership with Cranfield University and IRU Academy, our online fleet management training course is delivered through 10 video lectures led by industry experts. It is blended with case studies, animation videos and quizzes. Real examples of fleet management systems and best practice are used throughout with accompanying material to read as you go.

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