Urban Forum Kazakhstan deliver road safety training to 500 Glovo App couriers in Almaty

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In July, EASST partners Urban Forum Kazakhstan and the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan delivered a masterclass on road safety and first aid to 500 couriers that use the Glovo App in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The class covered three core areas: road safety awareness, first aid, and how to conduct vehicle safety checks.

Urban Forum Kazakhstan led the training on road safety awareness covering issues ranging from speeding, braking, and using intersections safely to respecting the rights of pedestrians and other road users, group riding, and how to respond to and report incidents.

With expansion of delivery services in Central Asia, the use of bicycles, motorcycles and mopeds is increasing significantly. However, cyclists and motorcycle users are amongst the most vulnerable of all road users and 27 times more likely to die in a traffic crash than occupants of passenger vehicles. At the same time, one in three road traffic crashes occur when people are driving for work purposes. The aim of the training is to reduce the number of road crashes involving users of bikes, mopeds and scooters, as well as reduce fatalities in road crashes overall.

The training programme included a practical training session delivered by Urban Forum Kazakhstan to show participants how to conduct a technical inspection of their bike/scooter/motorcycle before their journey.

The Red Crescent offered theoretical training in first aid and enabled participants to demonstrate their skills on test dummies as well as on each other. The aim is to provide couriers with the skills to stabilize the condition of a traffic victim before the arrival of an ambulance, thereby increasing the chances of survival in and emergency.

As a tech-first responsible company, Glovo, which is currently operating in over 20 countries worldwide, launched of The Couriers Pledge in 2021 to establish better safety regulations and ensure social rights for couriers. 

Karim Boguspaev, General Manager of Glovo in Central Asia said:

“Last year, Glovo globally announced the launch of the Courier Pledge initiative, which aims to give couriers equal access to social rights and benefits. One of the priority areas of Commitment is to provide couriers with access to training on security rules, as well as other skills that will contribute to the development of a conscious community of participants in the digital platform market. The number of couriers is growing at a rapid pace, and our task is to provide new conditions for a safe and comfortable opportunity for flexible income generation.”

The training in Kazakhstan follows training conducted earlier this year by EASST and Partnership for Road Safety in Georgia and we look forward to a continued cooperation across the region.