Road safety training for couriers that use Glovo in Tbilisi

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Delivery services are expanding worldwide, due to economic viability and COVID-19 pandemic. With expansion of delivery services, the use of motorcycles and mopeds is increasing significantly. Riders often form part of the so-called ‘gig economy’ – contracted on an ‘on demand’ basis. 

While this model has its benefits, it often means that riders do not have the same assurances and training when it comes to road safety. Motorcycle users are also amongst the most vulnerable of all road users and 27 times more likely to die in a traffic crash than occupants of passenger vehicles. At the same time, one in three road traffic accidents occur when people are driving for work purposes.

As a tech-first responsible company, Glovo, which is currently operating in over 20 countries worldwide, is working to tackle these issues with the launch of The Couriers Pledge to establish better safety regulations and ensure social rights for couriers. 

“We are pleased with the Glovo drivers’ active engagement and participation during the training sessions. The workshops have given them the necessary skills to avoid the daily dangers they face on the road. In the end, it will be beneficiary for the public and other road users. From commitments to actions, it shows that private businesses can grow, care, and not compromise on safety.” Partnership for Road Safety

They have teamed up with EASST and Partnership for Road Safety Georgia (PfRS) — via the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) — to deliver 10 road safety workshops reaching 300 couriers that use Glovo in Tbilisi. The pilot programme will focus on both road awareness and improving the practical knowledge of motorcycle and moped riders. The workshops will also discuss with drivers the standards of safe mobility and technical details such as carrying out daily and weekly machine checks, hazard perception and dealing with adverse weather. All drivers and attendees also received new helmets and jackets as part of the workshop.

“At Glovo, we are delighted with this collaboration. As part of our work with EASST and Partnership for Road Safety Georgia (PfRS) we will focus on providing education materials, safety equipment, such as helmets and jackets, and awareness initiatives and training sessions that address roadway dangers and help keep the couriers safe. This an ongoing commitment and an important part of The Couriers Pledge. Our long-term aim is to create safer roads for all, paying particular attention to those with two-wheeled vehicles, as they are often the most vulnerable drivers on the road. Sadly, road accidents remain the leading cause of serious injury and death worldwide, and providing road safety training will help couriers to be mindful of how to act safely on the road.” Sacha Michaud, Co-founder of Glovo

“We are so delighted to be working with Glovo on this hugely important issue. We look forward to further regional cooperation between EASST and Glovo on road safety.” Dmitry Sambuk, EASST

Georgia is one of the first countries to be covered by The Courier Pledge. Glovo seeks to reach all the 240,000 couriers that use the app across all countries where Glovo is present  by the end of 2023.

“It is essential to remind all motorcycle drivers about this information. Maybe they passed their license tests and educated themselves, but time after time reminding them is important. I will go out now and remember everything that we spoke about for a long time.” Rider user of Glovo, Tbilisi.