Road Safety in Uzbekistan

Road safety in Uzbekistan

Our local road safety partner

We support road safety in Uzbekistan through our local partners the Young Generation of the World (YGW) – Tashkent branch. YGW is a global initiative founded in 2019 which aims to mobilise young people as leaders of sustainable development. Their aims include strengthening peace and security, promoting social justice and social and environmental wellbeing, as well as fostering economic growth and prosperity.

YGW-Tashkent joined EASST as a partner in 2019. Uzbekistan is a population of young people with the median age being just 24 years old. It is important therefore to address one of the main risks to their health: road safety. As road-related injury is the leading cause of death of young people in every world region, YGW pay particular attention to road safety in Uzbekistan through work such as educational campaigns, advocating for better traffic enforcement and improving capacity for post-crash response.

Running across Uzbekistan is the Silk Road, a key transit corridor for commercial vehicles travelling between Asia and Europe making work-related road risk a serious concern. As a land-locked country, it is also reliant on these roads as well as rail for most of its trade with neighbouring countries. In recent years, the Silk Road has also become popular with tourists, particularly cyclists. In Uzbekistan our aim is to work with these groups of road users to raise awareness of the risks and, using the Safe System approach, work with local stakeholders to ensure roads and routes across the country are safe for everyone. Uzbekistan is a member of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program under which six priority road corridors are being upgraded.

Uzbekistan Road Safety Facts

2.6% of GDP is lost due to road traffic collisions.

The maximum urban speed limit is 70km/h.

There are on average 3261 road fatalities every year.

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Young Generation of the World - Tashkent branch

Young Generation of the World - Tashkent branch

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Uzbekistan Road Safety News

Our network expands to 15 countries as we welcome Uzbekistan NGO as a new EASST partner

Our network expands to 15 countries as we welcome Uzbekistan NGO as a new EASST partner

by EASST | November 5, 2019 | News, Uzbekistan

We are delighted to announce that we are now working in Uzbekistan to improve sustainable mobility and reduce road casualties.

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