30km/h speed zones piloted at three schools in Yerevan, Armenia

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Three schools in Yerevan, Armenia are now piloting 30km/h speed zones with the aim of improving road safety and reducing speed related road casualties around schools.

EASST partners, the National Road Safety Council NGO (NRSC) have been working towards the reduction of the speed limits from 40km/h to 30km/h in school zones since the beginning of 2021 with the support of EASST and the FIA Foundation’s Advocacy Hub. Their overall aim is to change the law and make all schools in Armenia safer.

The launch of 30km/h speed limits around three schools, identified by the road police, marks a major milestone towards achieving this goal. It is an important step forwards despite a number of significant local challenges, including political and regional instability.

The aim of the pilots is to demonstrate the positive benefits of slower speeds around schools both in terms of safety and improving air quality. They will also seek to challenge commonly held misconceptions that slower speed limits increase congestion and journey times. The results of the pilots will be used to suggest amendments to the law to permanently lower speed limits around schools.

The pilots are one of several routes taken by NRSC to achieve the goal of mandating 30km/h speed limits around schools across Armenia. They have worked closely with local municipalities and the road police of Armenia to raise awareness of the UN targets to reduce road casualties by 50% by 2030, share best practice, and promote global calls to reduce speed limits to 30km/h in urban areas.

NRSC have also played a leading role in drafting Armenia’s new National Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan in which they have included a recommendation to reduce speeds around all school zones to 30km/h within a specific timeframe. The Strategy is currently going through an approval process and, if passed, will see the changes begin to take place across the country in 2023.