Artashat Highway – Arin Berd Street: Yerevan, Armenia

Project status


Upgrades include:

  • Painting lane markings
  • Four new raised pedestrian crossings
  • New high-visibility road signs

The intersection where Arin Berd Street meets the Artashat Highway in Yerevan serves several lanes of traffic with a wide, splayed entry and exit. There is a steady flow of traffic, often moving at high speeds.

The surrounding area includes a number of cafes and shops and there is extensive parking obstructing kerbside traffic lanes. A temporary roundabout was installed but there was little in the way of pedestrian infrastructure, including crossings and continuous sidewalks, despite a high level of pedestrian activity. There is also a lack of street lighting.

Between 2016-2021, the intersection accounted for a number of collisions with 20 serious injuries and 1 fatality.

The intersection was initially identified and assessed by EASST Expertise engineers in 2019.  However, upgrades were delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Work on the intersection began in 2022 and concluded in 2023.

Supported by the Safer Roads Foundation, EASST partner National Road Safety Council NGO worked with local authorities to remove confusing traffic flows and slow vehicle speeds by painting clear lane markings and installing raised pedestrian crossings on each of the approaches to the roundabout to provide a designated safe space for pedestrians to cross.

In May 2024, Traffic Police informed us that there have been no road casualties reported at this site since the upgrades have been installed.

Project news

Roundabout gets pedestrian friendly infrastructure upgrades in Yerevan, Armenia

We have been working with our local partner to upgrade infrastructure near the roundabout connecting the Artashat Highway with Arin Berd Street in Yerevan, Armenia.

This project was implemented by our local partners National Road Safety Council NGO in collaboration with the Yerevan Mayor’s Office and with support from the Safer Roads Foundation.