Roundabout gets pedestrian friendly infrastructure upgrades in Yerevan, Armenia

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As part of the EASST Step by Step: Safe Crossings Initiative, we have been working with our local partner National Road Safety Council NGO and the Safer Roads Foundation to upgrade infrastructure near the roundabout connecting the Artashat Highway with Arin Berd Street in Yerevan, Armenia.

Between 2016-2021 there were a total of 20 serious injuries and 1 fatality due to road traffic crashes at this junction. Confusing traffic flows, high vehicle speeds, and a lack of pedestrian footpaths and crossing points put all road users, but particularly pedestrians, at significant risk.

Our project involved installing raised pedestrian crossings on each of the approaches to the roundabout to slow traffic and provide a designated safe space for pedestrians to cross.

EASST Deputy Director Dmitry Sambuk visited the site last week as part of a mission to Armenia that involved meeting local stakeholders and presenting on road safety and sustainable infrastructure to the Board of Directors at the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) Annual Meeting.

As a member of the EBRD CSO Steering Committee, EASST is delighted to represent road safety and sustainable mobility as a critical development issue. This year alone we have contributed to consultations on the EBRD’s Environment and Social Policy and EBRD’s Approach to Civil Society.

Examples such as the Arin Berd roundabout in Yerevan demonstrate the tremendous benefits that can be gained from building sustainable infrastructure around the needs of all road users. Indeed, we were delighted to learn from discussions with the Republican Traffic Police last week that there have been no road casualties since the introduction of these measures at Arin Berd. The Police are now also looking actively at implementing similar measures at other dangerous sites in the city.