EASST is delighted to support the launch of the Global Designing Cities Initiative’s Global Street Design Guide and Designing Streets for Kids Guide in Ukrainian.

Since the Russian invasion, Ukraine has sustained significant damage to its road and urban infrastructure, with many areas severely damaged or destroyed. Significant rehabilitation and rebuilding projects are needed, and a “Build Back Better” approach should be utilised by authorities.

Recognising that those involved in Ukraine’s reconstruction will need an understanding of best practice as well as support with capacity building, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has supported the translation of these high quality and internationally recognised Guides into Ukrainian. EASST has worked in collaboration with Impact NGO and the Ukrainian Association of Road Safety Auditors to facilitate the translation of these Guides, which are now available to download on the Global Designing Cities Initiative (GDCI) website.

“The EBRD is incredibly proud to support the translation of these important guides to help Ukraine in its mission to build back better.”

Stanislav Suprunenko, Principal Environmental Advisor, EBRD

About the Guides:

The Global Street Design Guide supports practitioners to redefine the role of streets in cities around the world. Created with the input of experts from 72 cities in 42 countries, the Guide offers technical details to inform street design that prioritizes pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders.

“Access to affordable tools which can assist with the development of liveable and safe communities will be vital to delivering renewed urban infrastructure in Ukraine and ensuring the needs of everyone in the community are met.”

Oksana Romanukha, Impact NGO Ukraine

The guidance in Designing Streets for Kids captures international best practices, strategies, programs, and policies that cities around the world have used to design spaces that enable children of all ages and abilities to utilize cities’ most abundant asset – streets. The guide includes design recommendations and case studies that highlight streets that are safe, enjoyable, and inspirational for children and caregivers.

“Ukrainians deserve better urban spaces than those that often surround them today. The translated guides from GDCI will help make Ukrainian cities safe, attractive and convenient for all street users.”

Kostiantyn Shcherbachenko, Head of Ukrainian Association of Road Safety Auditors


Global Street Design Guide

Designing Streets for Kids