New legal amendments in Georgia to see improved regulation of powered two-wheelers

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From this week, licensing and the registration of mopeds and light ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) has become mandatory in Georgia. All drivers must now be over 16 years old and pass a theory test in order to gain a licence, and their vehicle must be registered. Violating the registration rules and driving a moped or light ATV without a driving license will now result in a fine.

These changes are an important step forward as previously riders operated without any regulation whatsoever. This often led to increased levels of risk-taking and involvement in road crashes. However, a lack of official regulation means we lack the data to address the issue adequately. The new legal amendments will therefore also support data management, helping to identify the number of powered two-wheelers that are involved in traffic crashes, which in turn will support targeted road safety interventions.

EASST partners, Partnership for Road Safety (PfRS), were involved in advocating for this legal amendment and were involved in drafting the law – consulting and providing recommendations to the Working Group of the Service Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The launch of this law has coincided with two weeks of training delivered by PfRS for over 300 couriers that use the Glovo delivery App in Tbilisi. This is a continuation of our partnership, which started in December 2021, aiming to improve road safety awareness and practices of Glovo affiliated motorcycle and moped riders. The training this time round has also included sessions on first aid, and post-crash response.

“At Glovo, we are delighted with this collaboration. As part of our work with EASST and Partnership for Road Safety Georgia (PfRS) we will focus on providing education materials, safety equipment, such as helmets and jackets, and awareness initiatives and training sessions that address roadway dangers and help keep the couriers safe. This an ongoing commitment and an important part of The Couriers Pledge. Our long-term aim is to create safer roads for all, paying particular attention to those with two-wheeled vehicles, as they are often the most vulnerable drivers on the road. Sadly, road crashes remain the leading cause of serious injury and death worldwide, and providing road safety training will help couriers to be mindful of how to act safely on the road.” Sacha Michaud, Co-founder of Glovo

PfRS are supporting the new legislation by implementing an information campaign which will inform riders of the new regulations and why they are important.